Legal info on my store/business dominates the google search first page... any suggestions/help?

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I am having a issue where my watch brand store Velonti ( does appear on the first page of google after typing in google. The site has been up for three months now with taffic from FB and Instagram mainly.

However the first page is mostly filled by legal information/incorporation of the business "Velonti limited". I didn't upon incorporation opt for the option of having the company information being private  so not sure if that is the issue.

I am a little confused why the business incorporation information pages "Velonti limited" is ranked so high when I only search "Velonti. It is important to note however I incorporated the business in February 2016 and the site went live in January this year so I am thinking that the big time lapse between incorporation and the site going live could be a big factor too.

I am wondering apart from waiting it out if there is anything i can do to push down or remove the legal information of the business ranking so high on google (with the term "Velonti". I have noticed the site has been creeping up slowly on google search with time.

Regards Sharmarke