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Hello people :)

I have a brand new shopify store  (2 months old) and I'm in the fashion industry. I'm getting hard times to generate traffic to my store. I do everything I can to increase traffic, like, fb ads, blogging, social media  (mainly instagram), I already listed my products in some marketplaces (fancy and bonanza for example)...

The only orders I got until this moment came from Fancy, they're great. I'm looking for a way to get daily visitors and hopefully daily sales in my store. I was thinking about paying $20 for refersion affiliate app, so I can use their network of affiliates to find people to recruit. Also I saw that shopify has an amazon sales channels available, but only for Amazon pro sellers  ($39 monthly)...

What do you think could generate better results for me? Joining amazon program and listing my products on amazon, or joining refersion and start recruiting affiliates to get me sales?

I can't afford both now. 

I have about 100 products already listed, dresses, cardigans, tops, shorts etc... My store looks good, professional. I use a free theme  (Brooklyn which is great) and in the near future I'm considering to buy a better theme called Icon, that fits even better a fashion store. 

Thank you!

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the big problem I found with Amazon is you have too have bar codes for every thing you sell as a business  is there any way around that ?


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Hey Raphael, why don't you try using single-use discount codes to drive traffic and convert shoppers into buyers? We'd be happy to publish your discount codes on our site for free. Our target market is families with kids K-12 so I think it would be a perfect fit. Seriously no fees or commissions. Just give us a code and we'll publish it. Glad to help! Good luck!