Listing Products (with many options) on another Shopify Store

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We have a product that has 4 variants and a custom write-in, personalization. We use infinite options to handle the variants, which gives us 192 unique product combinations before the personalization. We'd like to have our products listed on affiliate stores, where they can build their product and checkout, and we would recieve the order.

The Buy Button does not work for us because of a) we have more than 3 variants and b) we use infinite options which BB doesn't use.

Is there a simple elegant way to have our products listed on another store and have that orders come to us, and we're left with a tidy papertrail for commissionable sales?

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Shopify Staff
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Hey Scott!

Nick here, A Shopify Guru :)

One of the apps I always recommend for affiliate selling is Multi Vendor Marketplace. This app does exactly what you want, IE allows selling of your products on another Shopify store, and a commission paper trail, however the store you want to sell on will have to use the app, where the app admin control would also be, and they'd likely also have to have infinite options installed too.

I think however that you are not talking about another shopify store, as you mentioned the buy buttons. let's assume it is another third party site, such as Wordpress.

What I would suggest doing in that case is setting up a shop. or similar subdomain on the custom domain on the third party site. In your shopify admin, you can then add that subdomain URL as the primary domain for the store, and point only the subdomain CNAME records for the custom domain to your URL.

You can then add a "Shop" navigation element to the third party site, and link it to the shop. subdomain, thus when clicked, users are brought to the shopify online store, and buy as normal :)

Let me know what you think of this! If you need help setting it up, reach out to our Support Channels, and we can guide you through it there :)

Thanks for reaching out to us today! :)

Shopify Guru