Little Challenge: Help me get 10-12 sales plus find a repeatable business model. Prize: $100+ profit of up to 12 sales($20/unit sold)

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Hello, I have a website called   

I am having difficulty getting sales, and would need someone more experienced to help me find a repeatable business model, so I can use it to generate profit week after week. 

If you are willing to help me out, the prize is $100 plus   $20dollar per sale, for up to 12 sales.  Minimum 10sales.

You can use whatever tool you are familiar with to market the products and get sales --social media, paid advertisement,etc.

Anything that is not a repeatable business model wouldn't count, for example - write a post on reddit(because it's not something I can repeat infinite times) or if you have a 10k plus email list, that doesn't count because i can't reuse them.

The challenge time is 14days. In 14 days, get at least 10 sales, max 12 (with $20 per sale) paid (after 12 sales, the additional  won't be paid).

After that, explain to me how exactly did you get the sales, so I can repeat whatever that you have done.

The money $100 + sales profit  will be paid after at least 10 sales are made. ( I will track over 2weeks, and update you with screenshots)

You are free to use paid advertising, or whatever necesssary expense as well... I will reimburse up to $100 in ad spent.( must show screenshot)


If in 14 days, at least 10 sales were not made, then I would pay $20 x whatever quantity of items sold + up to $50 of expense cost. 


Payment, you can choose either being sent via paypal, or I buy items in your store( you don't have to deliver to me) of whatever amount I owe you.


If you are interested for the challenge, leave a message below of your ecommerce experience, and how much revenue and profit you make in your store( or send a private email to

Thank you!