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We have a brand new product we created and trying to sell. Want to get advice on look, layout, and feel of site.

Here is the new and improved site we are currently designing.

We are just starting out so conversion and traffic aren’t my real concern as that will come but I have been looking so closely to all of this that it’s all blurring together. Would love some outside eyes to point out opportunities!

Or, If you have good single product themes!
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Very nice! I love the intro video at the top. I'd also design this page more like a sales funnel, by adding 'Buy Now' buttons between the sections and at the very bottom of the page. By the time people scroll down to the bottom, they're ready to buy, so that's a great place to convert them into paying customers. I'm curious about this product, and I'm sure I'll be seeing it in my local gym soon ;)


I would a/b test that video at the top vs having it lower on the page. Some may want to read before they watch a video ad.

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