Long Tail Keywords to judge shop ideas ?

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I have been looking into long tail keywords to find a niche using a handy guide on shopify. I have a keyword phrase BUY *** ******* **** which i like when I run it through keyword planner with only close related results I get no other keyword ideas.

If I run it through without the BUY i only get 1 keyword idea.

If I run it through google using the MOZ toolbar the top result has a PA of 45 and DA of 91 Ebay

Looking at the first 3 pages of results the highest PA is 47 but with a tiny DA

The highest DA is 91 but with a PA of 13.

The majority of results are forums or guides with 1 or 2 shops, 

Monthly searches are around 1900

Now I am still reading up on things but would you say it sounds reasonable that with a good site and SEO I could attract customers selling these products ?

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I think if you focus on that and related long-tail keywords you can drive some traffic. Probably not a ton, but you won't know fully until you test. You may want to test some PPC ads first and gauge the traffic you get from the keyword in PPC. This can give you some indication of popularity and real volume. The other thing you can test is UberSuggest for additional keyword ideas related to your main keyword. I've found that this tool can help with additional ideas not found in keyword research tools.

Best of luck!



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Hi Stephen,


I guess, it is possible, but you will also have to optimize your website as a whole, as domain authority is really important too.

Please check you site against this checklist to make sure you are on the right track - http://promo.do/UwV1 ;

http://experts.shopify.com/promodo With any questions, mail me at ruletana2012@gmail.com