Looking For Marketing Director To Join My Socially Conscious Startup (Like TOMS)

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Hi guys! I'm looking for a marketing director to join my socially conscious startup, Animals United. Animals United is an apparel brand that gives back by helping animals in need. More specifically, we sell animal themed clothing and accessories and subsequently donate 10% of net profits to leading animal nonprofit charities.

So after graduating without any prior graphic design, website building and business experience, I've been able to envision and create Animals United in 3.5 months. I soft-launched AU a few weeks ago for 1 week and was able to make a sale and social media growth particularly on IG was excellent (600 followers in 1 week). I have connected with a graphic designer and we are in works to redesign the product line to create a more cohesive and distinct brand identity for relaunch.

I'm looking for a hungry and talented marketing director to run FB ads, IG ads, etc. to obviously drive traffic to the site and help us get our name out there. Besides TOMS and Love Your Melon, some successful, established companies founded on the same giving back model as AU include Ivory Ella (www.ivoryella.com), The Elephant Pants (www.theelephantpants.com), Arm The Animals (www.armtheanimals.com), and I Heart Dogs (www.iheartdogs.com) to give you an idea of the potential behind this concept. If you believe in our mission and are interested in this opportunity, don't hesistate to contact me at contact.animalsunited@gmail.com and tell me what value you can bring to our team!

- Matt