Looking for Help on Marketing Automation and Customer Analytics

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Hey There,

We are doing a quick survey to help apps and businesses position their products better. These questions are specifically  meantfor Shopify storeowners and partners.

- What is your approach towards email marketing? What is the most important thing that you look for while choosing a particular app for marketing? Is it the ease of use or pricing or set of features or something else?

- Which Shopify Marketing Automation and Customer Analytics Apps do you use? What are the feature that you would like to see that are currently missing?




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Hey Smith! 

I manage the marketing for TheOleBull.com and I just started my own Online Boutique (LaunchDate TBD). 


I started using Springbot and I can't imagine my life without it. I am a mother of 3 kids so working from home was an obvious decision for me, but Springbot gives me the freedom to automate atleast 75% of my marketing actions so that I can set it up and then when I wake up in the morning it gives me real time analytics and statistics on how my actions are performing as well as deep demographic and georgraphic information on who bought! It's awesome- I can even see the customer's social profiles! 


Before we went with springbot we tried a couple others such as Klaviyo, criteo, kit as well as shoelace and none came close to the efficiency and the immediate return we got from Springbot. 


The dashboard is super simple too- they give you triggered emails where you can customize segments based on demographic, geographic, product history and behavioral data, they also gave us adroll retargeting!!! ALL INCLUDED! That was a huge sell for us because we were spending 400$ alone in adroll and we got everything including a shopable instagram for 199$/month. I also have a fantastic account manager that A/B tests the ads to see what works best for our demographic- she is so sweet and always there to answer my questions! (Thanks Lauren- even at 10:30pm when I can't sleep). This is the best app you can get right now and they are constantly updating it to make it even better!


Thank you Springbot!

Hope that helps smith:)


If you need some more information contact me here: 



or contact Lauren to see the full dashboard- She is awesome!!!