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I have an online shoe store called Aysen Shoes. I started it about a year and a half ago after I discovered some great handmade leather shoes made in Chile, my native country. I've been in the retail and wholesale industry for a long time (I have a clothing line that sells online and at several boutiques in the US) and I started this website as a side hustle. I saw a big void in the market for reasonably priced handmade leather shoes for women, and I've gotten really great feedback from customers.

My clothing line has been growing in the last year and I have had very little time to dedicate to marketing and social media, which is crucial for online sales. We’ve sold about 90 pairs of shoes and made about $14,000 of revenue, mostly in the first 6-9 months. The last few months have been a lot slower because I’ve been posting less and stopped doing blogger collabs. 

I'm really interested in finding someone who'd like to partner up and handle all sales and marketing in exchange for a percentage of the profits and ownership of the company. I would take care of sourcing, storing the merchandise and fulfillment. I really think this business has great potential to grow with a good marketing strategy.

My website is www.aysenshoes.com. 

All feedback is welcome :)


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If you need an experienced email marketer i am here iv'e represented many store owners getting them 20-30% more sales revenue an month so please message me back at l4rob@icloud.com