Looking for Urban/Art/Fashion businesses with over 1000 orders a week for potential in-order cross promotions.

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Hello we currently are currently hitting over the 2500 orders a week mark and are looking to grow with some other companies by doing in-order cross promotion. 

How it works is we have cards made with discounts on them to promote our business in your packages and we would do the same for you. Obviously this will only work if your business is not competing with our business. You would be responsible for making your own cards and we would send ours over to your facility.

We sell leather care products to a lot of demographics but mostly the urban and fashion community.

What we usually do with other businesses is provide some form of discount code and tell them about our site on either a business card sized or 4x6 card. The ROI has been amazing as long as the businesses work together. It gives you customers some insight into other businesses and helps with building each other while also filling up packages with goodies for your customers.

What we need from a company that would want to cross promote is proof that you are actually making doing over the 1k order threshold. We will distribute your flyers through our orders and you do the same. Of course it has a sense of trust with it but with certain promo codes you can see potential ROI.  

Please feel free to check our website AngelusDirect.com 

Hope you all the best with your businesses and have a great day.