Looking for a Referral Marketing Apps that users can share on more than just FB,TW and Email?

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Hello everyone,

I have been researching referral marketing apps that are availble in the app store and I am looking for one that I can incorporate not only the standard social sharing options like FB, Tw, and email but I also want to be able to track and reward my customers when they refer us on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and G+.

Does anyone have a recomandation or know somebody who may be able to code this into one of the popular referral apps. 

Also, I want to incoporate the referral program with a custom share button that we created on our site so this will need to be coded as well.


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Hello James,

Keegan here from the Shopify Guru team.

I believe the reason most referral apps don't allow for tracking on platforms like Instagram, or Pinterest is because they don't allow sharing (from public accounts) like Twitter or Facebook does. Instagram only allows commenting or posting. And Pinterest only allows pinning (saving) of items, or new posts.

Where Twitter and Facebook allow for public sharing of items (where one account posts, and another shares it and can see that account B did share it).

Although it's not impossible, I'm sure there's some solutions out there for now most of our apps may not allow close tracking as it's not yet the norm for those platforms.

You can always hire an Expert from the url below however to peak into what's possible for you!


Thanks for your post :)