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One year ago I tried to make a shopify based e-shop, however after one month my shop failed. I understood that I need to have my own audience if I want to try again without using my own money for ads. So I created 5 different instagram accounts and gathered more than 30 k followers in total. So now I'm looking for a partner. I have some audience, you have a shop, so let's collaborate.


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You might be able to turn this into a good business selling Instagram accounts to people in the niche if the engagement is good.

Or be an "influencer" and join the affiliate programs of stores in your niches.

Collaborations like this work well if you work with legit brands, and your audiences are legit.

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Enjoy the adventure!
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Hello paul,
I am a shopify partner, and owner of a ecommerce store that's ranked in the top 20% of shopify stores started within the same time period. I have built a couple successful websites for clients that were very happy. I have experience with SEO, google analytics, custom theame development and coding and much more. I'd be interested in working with you and setting up some screen sharing meetings to collaborate help you out. We can talk brass tax when we become a little more involved. Hope to hear from you soon!
For now check out my site highwalkersadventure.com