Looking for a smart way to divert traffic away from page with free products

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I'm running a shop for Lightroom presets which is doing fine and my main traffic in the past was Pinterest. I strategically placed some pins advertising free presets for subsribing to my newsletter. A lot of people did that. Way more than expected and most importantly - the pins on Pinterest went insane. Some with almost 10.000 repins and I can't stop them anymore. 

In the last couple of months the global site traffic shifted a little bit away from 85% pinterest and 15% organic+direct to 40% organic search results in Google. The problem is: Almost only my "Free Products" page appears in the search results. Especially when you Google for "Free Lightroom Presets" but also for "Lightroom Prestes Landscape" (which is a common search query based on Google Analytics and Search Console.

I don't want to get rid of the free products, since my mailing lists grows by 20 subscribers each day but I also do not want to look like I'm giving away everything for free... More precisely: People who google for "Lightroom Presets" without using the term "Free" should NOT be seeing search results with free products.

I'm now looking for creative ways to divert traffic away from the page with free products. Have you had some similar issues and how did you deal with it?



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Hi Jan,

Very impressive results with getting 20 subscribers/day. That's 600 potential customers each month.

I suggest create an email sequence (5 emails) where you provide information about Lightroom and how they can effectively use it for first 4 emails, then pitch your product in the the 5th email. 

Use "Scarcity Method" (Only 10 copies of this product availabale) to drive more sales for your paid product.

Contact Bloggers, Influencers in your niche and offer a guest post on their website. Then link to your paid product from that guest post.

You can also create a special offer only for that Blogger/Influencer's audience and drive sales to your paid product using this method.

For more, feel free to shoot me an email at rahulr3529@gmail.com