Looking for feedback: FB Advertising driving traffic to site. Low Conversions.

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Hi All,

I have some pretty niche/targeted social media ads running for my e-commerce site (larkadventurewear.com) and we are getting newsletter sign ups, fb page likes, comments on the fb ads and traffic to our site -- but sales/conversions are low. I've tried to make the site easy to use and visually pleasing so i'm confused.

Our price is mid-tier in our category (baby clothes) and i've revamped the site to be more lifestyle oriented in terms of pictures -- less flat lays. All facebook ads currently direct people to the homepage so they can learn what makes our products different (those messages are also echoed in fb ads).

Looking for feedback on why conversions may be low. We are just starting to get enough volume to create some retargeting campaigns digitally and through email marketing. Open to any tips (not trying to offer discounts right now) in terms of getting conversions higher!


Pallavi Patil

Founder, Lark Adventurewear

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Hi Pallavi,

Make sure to index your website with popular search engines so it will show up higher in search results. You can do this for free here --> http://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/#613063

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Hi Pallavi,

First of all, what was the objective you have set in your Facebook ads? Have you tried dynamic marketing where you can run ads with 'conversion' as your goal?

Facebook ads is effective but sometimes it is tricky. You have to make sure that you are targeting the proper audience who are most likely to convert. Usually for baby wear, you can target females who are most likely the age is on the mother side. You can also make use of behavior targeting on the audience. Filter it well.

In addition, you can also consider adding Facebook Pixel. Through installing it, you can retarget your website visitors from 30, 60 to 120 days.