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I recently launched my site - http://we-adore.com - which is a site dedicated to cosmetics and beauty supply items.

I'm looking for any quality, constructive feedback that will help me.  It is still in the infant stages, yet I am adding products daily.

I do affiliate marketing and ALL of my products are affiliate links, meaning I do not stock, supply, ship, etc any of the merchandise myself.  The idea is the shopper would click on the "Buy Now" link (yes, I know it takes them away from my site) - which takes them to the actual vendor's site, where they can purchase the product.

What types of things can be improved upon on my site?  I'm open to any feedback (other than the affiliate marketing part).

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Hi, There!

(✿◕‿◕) My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify!

I had a lot of fun viewing your website! The hard work that you have put into your website certainly shows. I have some feedback for you to consider overall for your website.

1) We recommend updating your blog on a regular basis. Blogging is an amazing tool for increasing your website SEO and overall traffic. We have a blog called Why Every E-commerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that I recommend checking out because it has great information.

2) You may want to consider adding makeup brushes to your website if you do not already have them. There are lots of different types of makeup brushes on the market right now as well as some really creative ones such as makeup brushes that look like Harry Potter wands, unicorn horns, etc. If you do have makeup brushes you may want to include natural bamboo makeup brushes because they are a natural substance that biodegrades into the earth which is something that many people look for.

3) Having an email address on your website for customers to reach you at is a great idea. You also have the option to create a Contact Page that has a template for customers to write to you directly. I made a video called Create a Professional Contact Page that has the steps to set this up.

4) You have a wide variety of products which is excellent. I love makeup but have a hard time knowing which products to purchase when I see a large selection. If you are able to find videos from your affiliates or even YouTube videos with people demonstrating a product on your website I recommend adding that video to the product description on your website. Theirs a sales expression that I was taught a long time ago "Facts Tell, Stories Sell". Videos are a great way for people who would like to know more about a particular product or for those that are unsure about purchasing a product because they show the product in action.

5) The one thing about having an affiliate website that I just want to touch base on is that your customers are not able to add multiple items to the cart because they are being redirected to different websites to purchase each product that they would like. This may cause your customers to order less from you than if you were to have the products on your website. Just something to keep in mind.

6) Shopify has a free app called Product Reviews that is a great idea to add to your website. When your customers start to add reviews about different products that they have tried this can help influence your customer's decisions about purchasing those products. You can also delete reviews that you do not find relevant or a good fit.

7) If you are able to add the ingredients list for your products in the product description as well as if the product is vegan and/or not tested on animals, those are all factors when it comes to deciding to purchase a product online.

Have a wonderful day! \ (•◡•) /

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Hi there, 

I loved your website! It's beautifully designed. Although, I do have some inputs: 

1. About Us: This section, believe it or not, plays a huge role in converting customers. More often that not, we spend all our time and energy in getting the tittle, description and price right. Very few sellers actually focus on this section. Your About Us is fairly generic at this point. I'd suggest give a little more information about how you started and what inspired you to do this. If you want tips, here's an article that you can look at: Tips for an About Us page.

Not just that, for a buyer, it's not that evident that to buy, she'll need to go to the another site. Since you have the cart button on the top, it's a fair assumption that the purchase will be on your website. Essentially you're a beauty expert, curating high quality items. So make this clear in your about us. 

2. Product Descriptions: Right now there is a little bit inconsistency in your descriptions. Some of them are really well written, while for others you have a few basic points. I think you should work on your product descriptions and make them consistent. Having a basic checklist of the things that you should defintiely include helps. This article covers the basic points. I am sure you'll find it helpful: What to include in your Title and  Product Desctipion. 

3. Blog: You're in a great niche. People always want to know more about skin care, tips, tutorials, etc. And since you're an expert, it won't take you tips to write short pieces of content around this. This will help you in your SEO and marketing. You can have a tips and tutorials section. Build it over a period of time. But keep at it.

4. Marketing: Eventually, sales will depend on the traffic that you drive to your store. Here are a few things that you can do to drive traffic: 

- Blog: As I said earlier, your blog can help you a great deal in driving traffic. So keep your blog populated and make sure that you work on your SEO. We used Google's Keyword Planner to come up with keywords that we should write on.

- Social media: I cannot emphasize this enough. Social media is and will continue to be one of the best sources of referral traffic. And Instagram is the best out of all. People who come via Instagram spend the longest on the website. Succeeding on social media is all about content. You've to post engaging content consistently.

I'd strongly recommend using OrangeTwig to drive traffic to your store though social media. You can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig. From creative images to scheduling post, from creating sales and discounts to promoting them, you can do all with OrangeTwig. Not just that, with the Hashtag Research tool, you'll be able to get the right hashtags, make your post clickable and engage with users, all with just a click of a button. Here's more on Instagram related features: Insta-Success Toolkit

Also, here's an article on different types of content ideas for your channels: 47 Content Ideas

- Community engagement: Do promote yourself in Facebook groups and other buyer forums.

I hope this helps :)

- Karan

You can ask your questions in the Seller Success Facebook group as well.  



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Thank you Jade for (1) taking the time to review it and (2) taking the time to offer feedback.  I love everything you mentioned.  All very good suggestions!  I will make sure to add these things!

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Thanks for great suggestions Karan!  I can certainly see how these things would help.  I really appreciate you taking the time to offer feedback!