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Throwing this rant to the more experienced Shopify shopowners out there. I have a new jewelry store on Shopify. It's only a couple weeks old so I'm not ready to complain about lack of traffic or sales. Been working my way through all the (free!) avenues available to me. I have a moderate following on Instagram and Facebook but noticed that ever since I linked my Facebook business page (https://www.facebook.com/PhyllisWarmanJewelry/) my Reach has DROPPED CONSIDERABLY. Now that FB has implemented their notorious algorthyms, I'm looking for ANYTHING that will increase my Reach EXCEPT what they want most: buying Facebook advertising. Tried that. Got nowhere. (Plan to try Google Shopping soon). I removed logos from my postings long ago. I don't add any additional links or anything else that would shorten my reach and prevent my posts from reaching my Likers' News Feeds. Anyone else had this experience or have any good suggestions for me, my store, my FB profile, my page....

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Phyllis,

Here's the thing: because of how Facebook works, the only way to increase your reach is to buy ads and pay to boost your posts from your page.

That being sad, Facebook can be tricky to place ads with. There are certain methods that work more than other. For instance, the best way to increase traffic and sales is to advertise with product photos with plain white backgrounds.

I found this article for you that might be helpful:


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