Lots of Engagements but not sales

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Hi All,


I have run a series of FB Ads and i am getting a decent amount of engagements and visits. 

But i am not getting any sales. Could anyone let me know what could be the issue?


Site url is: 1stopfashionhouse.com


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Hi Rick, are the facebook ad's targeted towards the right audience? Are the ad's engaging and not just clickbait, is there stories/feedback/articles. Is there things in place on your website for customer conversion?

If you would like any help with this please feel free to contact me via my website 


I'd love to help


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Hey Rick,

It's good to know that your Ads are getting engagement and people are visiting your store however if they are not ultimately buying the products there seems to be an issue at the part when they are at your website. Please consider the following things :-

1) Are your ads leading the customers to a page which completely describes the product that was being advertised? It is really important for the customers to see whatever they clicked on when they land at your store. Also, do make sure that there are not a lot of buttons available on your landing page since that might lead to the visitor bouncing off because of the overwhelming amount of options available. Product pictures and descriptions should be as clear as possible. 

2) And as Sam pointed out this might not be the right audience for you. You need to test different audiences based on interests, devices, geographies etc. This will give you an idea regarding what might be the right audience for you. Read this to get an idea regarding the right audience for you.

Also, I observed that you do not have links to your social channels on your main landing page. Having these helps you in more than one ways. 

Hope this helps

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