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hello everyone, i have only just recently set up my shopify store, and have been using Instagram as marketing to test the waters. I am currently getting some traffic at the store with a low bounce rate but no sales yet. can anyone feel free to give me an honest opinion of how they think my store looks, it would be greatly appreciated !


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Hi There,

I took a look in your store, in my opinion, the store should have more watches options as well category options. Your Instagram account has a lot of followers even though having just 5 posts, so for me as a customer, I would like to see more options, take a look this website that I found https://www.gwcwatches.com/collections/megirwatches

Good luck





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Your site has a nice layout and great pictures. I would personally like to know more about the brand and unique properties of the watches (why would I buy your watch vs another brand?). 

I would also like to see more watch varieties. 

Instagram marketing is not enough, try to do a mix of different marketing. 

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We've gone through your site and have several recommendations. We're running internet marketing campaign for this site URL: http://thelaava.com/.

We are running FB and Google ads for them and generate revenue of approximately USD 300k per month.

Could you please share further detail ?

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Hi Chris,

Would you please send me your info I would like to hire you for advertising. 




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Hi there. The selection and overall layout is nice, though your site seems large compared to the amount of products actually offered. 

There's a trust issue on your site in my opinion. First, I don't know where you're based out of. Second, the founder should have a picture up or something so that he doesn't seem like a fictional character. But the big red flag on your site is your shipping times. 7-30 days tells me you're dropshipping, and the pricing tells me they're likely imported and being shipped from the country of origin. I know alot of businesses do this, but for imports I'd personally invest in a small stock so you can ship faster, or offer them as 'pre-orders' or 'back-orders' with estimated arrival dates so it doesn't look weird. If I were a first time shopper, I would not let my money go for up to thirty days without receiving a product. Those are chargebacks waiting to happen.

And if I'm wrong and your producing your stock, you might want to let people know that and show them your process. 

Also, it took me over a month to get my first sale and my first buyer was my best friend. Things were picking up but this month has been dead for me. :/