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Hello there, 

I am new to these forms but hopefully they can be helpful. So basically I've started the website and ive got an instagram page and have run ads on it. Those have gotten me about 10 website visits but nobody buys anything. I also do not know how to work with SEO, or frankly anything about it. Could someone look at my site and say if theres something wrong with it? Or leave me some marketing tips? Thanks!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Nakia!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I love the bubbles in the background of your logo, it is so cute! I love bath bombs and had fun looking at your website. In addition to clicking on every single bath bomb on your website, I also took a look at your online store and have some feedback for you to consider.

1) When I visited your website, one of the questions that I had was 'how do you ship a bath bomb without it breaking?' You may wish to answer this question on your FAQ Page. Another good question is do the bath salts come in the mason jar that the product image shows or are they sent a different way?

2) To show just how great your products are, you may want to create short videos of the bath bomb in action. Bathrooms do not typically have the best lighting so if you are using a bathtub for the video, be sure to bring some extra lighting - even the lamp on your nightstand helps. An alternative is to use a fishbowl or aquarium like this little girl and her dad did here because you can show on top and underneath the water.

3) The main image on the top of your website (the slideshow image) crops when your customers are viewing your website on mobile (like this: https://screenshot.click/18-05-bm0mc-p9uyv.jpg). When adding a main image to your website, we do not recommend using an image that has text as part of the picture because the text will crop when customers are on mobile devices. You can use the background of your image and add text called text overlay on the top. What this does is when your customers are on a mobile phone, the text will automatically adjust to fit their device. 

To set this up you will first need just the background of the image that you have without the text. Next click Online Store > Customize > on the left sidebar click Image with Text Overlay > on the left side where it says Heading and Text, this is where you can add the text that you like. Click Save when you are done.

If you are looking for additional images and ideas, Shopify has a free image library with great quality images called Burst that you might be interested in taking a look at when changing things up in the future.

4) To increase traffic to your website and gain an email list, you may want to consider having giveaways. Shopify has a blog post called How to Grow Your Business With Giveaways and Viral Contests that you may want to check out.

5) If you are using Shopify Payments as your payment provider, it's important to make sure that your fraud protection settings are turned on. This goes for everyone who is reading this blog post - it's very important. Here are the steps to set that up:

- In your Shopify admin click Settings.
- Next click Payment Providers.
- Where it says Shopify Payments click the Edit button.
- Check the two boxes that say Decline charges that fail CVV verification and Decline charges that fail Zip code verification.
- Click Save.

6) Shopify also has a section under Online Store > Preferences to help you setup your SEO. I'm not sure if you have this filled in or not but there is a section on the top called Homepage Title and Homepage Meta Description. These are important to fill in because this information is what Google uses when they decide to add your business to their search results. It takes time for your business to appear in Googles search engine and there are key things that they look for when it comes to adding a business to their search results. We have a video series called E-commerce SEO 101 that I found very useful when I first started with Shopify and I think you will like it too because it's informative while being easy to understand.

7) Springboarding off the topic of SEO, I highly recommend blogging on a consistent basis. It does make a difference when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. Shopify has a blog post called Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that has more details about how blogging benefits your online store. 

Hope this helps! Have yourself a wonderful weekend and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Jade | Social Care ?

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Hi Nakia,

No doubt, you've some awesome products. But how will anyone know that you've awesome products until you tell them? You can use your social media accounts to educate your target audience. You can post about sales, giveaways or new additions. Also, it would be great if you can add a blog - if done right, this can help you get some good organic traffic. 

As Jade mentioned, you should also work on the SEO bit and some work needs to be done on design as well. After the changes have been made, you can start with paid ads (FB ads and Display ads) and make sure you keep a track on users coming to your store. For this, you can use Google analytics, which will help you see how users interact with your site. It is always good to make decisions based on data rather than what you feel. You can take up these free courses at GA academy which can help you get started. Go through this article to better understand what and how to track in GA.


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