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Hi, I have launched my website some time back and I have very low traffic coming to my website, let alone sales. I have hired an SEO expert who claims to be GOOGLE affliated for the past 6 months and there has been no improvements at all.  How can I improve on this situation?

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hired an SEO expert who claims to be GOOGLE affliated for the past 6 months and there has been no improvements 

Get a 2nd opinion and find a marketer that will deal with your situation in a results orientated manner.

The information you've provided is incredibly ambigous and generic, giving no information that helps finding a root cause.

Getting to #1 on the 1st page for 'phrase-x' also is no guarantee of traffic, if people don't want the product they dont' want the product.

What steps have you tried? Have you search for forum cases just like this?

Take your situation over to the feedback forums during a busy time to also see if there are any blocking design issues.

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I just checked your website. The first impression is nice. Now about SEO and traffic:

i) Now a days web is crowded with sites so the competition to rank higher is killer. You can not expect visibility in search engine by doing on-page SEO only. As per recent Google update two most important factors are.

  • Quality backlink: You need to build backlinks from high authorityand relevent websites. You will get lots of actionable resources on Backlinko blog. Here is one article which should help you http://backlinko.com/17-untapped-backlink-sources . Remember backlink generation is a continious process but there is no way around to achieve higher search ranking.
  • Quality Content : As an ecommerce site your content is limited but you should fill the gap with your blog. Research your target audience (in your case it's new parents)  >>topic they are interested in>>  research long tail keywords (LTK) on this topic>> create quality posts optimized for those LTKs (not 400/500 words, at least 800-1200 words) >> promote those posts on social media and other various channels.

ii) SEO is time taking and longterm process. But as a small business owner you should focuss on social media for quick traffic. In fact I can see you have quiet a good no. of followers in Facebook and a decent no. of followers on Pinterest and Instagram (These three are the most important media for sellers at present). But you need to boost those nos and constant traffic to your website.

  • Be consistent: The first thing you need to be successful on social media is being consistent with your postings and engagement. Though managing social media postings is one of the most time consuming work for marketers. To make it more efficient and save time use Shopify apps like https://apps.shopify.com/around-io where you can manage all your Social media marketing.
  • Create Buzz: People are overloaded with content on social media. To remind them your presence you need to create buzz periodically. May it be video, funny GIF's , special giveway for your followers or competition for a free shopping on your site.


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First of all please go through your site's optimization like you onpage, backlinks, content even quality of your  backlinks and please prefer social media instead of SERP for more look at : -

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Hi there,

Given your niche and products (baby care), I think social media can work very well for you, perhaps even better than search. 

Since you sell high end baby products, there's HUGE opportunity for you to 'Market you Expertise' and that will definitely transtale into sale.

Here are some concrete suggestions specifically for you:

Define your audience: - Who are your potential buyers?  

  • are local - where you sell/ship to.
  • are people who are expecting or new parents 
  • are people attending baby showers / grand parents
  • are affluent - Moby Wrap is are premium product
  • are highly educated, urban, yuppies - who understand the importance of close contact with a young child or benefits of skin-2-skin etc. 

Grow your Audience: I see that you have a small audience on all social channels. Fixing this should definitely be your first step. Unfortunately, this is a manual process and it requires that you spend time finiding your audience - wherever thery are and engaging with them. Here are some examples.

  • Start with your competitors audience or your suppliers audience - Look at the honest company or Moby wrap's social properties and see what you can learn from them.
  • Focus locally - If you are selling in Singapore/malaysia, focus on finding your audience there. Join local online communities, advertise your giveaway's there etc. Partner with mid wives, pre-natal yoga classes etc.
  • Decide the best channels for you: It could be Pinterest or Instagram. However, don't focus on all of them together. Avoid these starter mistakes.
  • For Pinterest, read this.
  • For Instagram, we are launching a new tool with in the next couple of weeks that will help you grow your audience in a very targetted way. So check back or intall OrangeTwig and you'll know once we've launched it.

Engage Your Audience: Your audience is smart so you'll have to spend time creating content that they find engaging. Give them a reason to follow you. Here are some content ideas

  • Re-purpose your supplier's or competitors content - See what Moby is posting and re-blog that.
  • Start something like 'Tip of the day' - Make a graphic tip of the day with links back to your shop. You can source tips from Babycenter.com or any other mommy blogger sites. You can use OrangeTwig app for making and automating this. I'm the maker of this app so feel free to reach out to me for any further help or questions.
  • Sell the benefits, not the product. Here's a quick post I made using your products to showcase this poing. Please feel free to use it.


Yes, its work and the rewards may be 2-3 months away but you are building something longterm for your business. 

Hope this help.


Founder, OrangeTwig



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Thanks for all the comments! Will try to work on improving, especially on the social media platforms
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Hi there,

I recommend a paid search campaign so you can test your offer and how effective your website / offers are.

SEO can take a long time - and it doesnt make sense to spend money on SEO until you know what is working.  Paid search might cost but you can test this faster - and learn from what you need to change or improve. 

Goals can also be set up so you can measure performance by traffic source also.