Loyalty Apps - What's peoples experience.

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I installed a loyalty app called Sweet Tooth. Set up was easy and CS was great and made things easy. I have not announced it to my customers yet because I wanted to learn the nuts and bolts of how it works. A friend tried it and there was some confusion that he eventually figured out.

But before I go full tilt with this app, I wanted to hear about other shop owners likes and dislikes with their loyalty apps.

So far my cons for Sweet Tooth all relate to getting customers up and running.  This app is not for the older users of my site.  There are no help buttons which explain how functions work.  As a user you just have to jump in and go. My customers would hesitate using the program if they get think they might get lost or confused.  Plus I dont have the time to fix points and do related CS work.

Another wish-it-were-provided feature is more support. I wish the developer had an intro email script that I can use to launch the program.  And of course more scripts that I can use to encourage customers to engage and earn points or use points they earned.

Do share what you think of the loyalty apps that you are using.


Rob OBrien


Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Rob,

Thanks so much for posting on the forums!

I wanted to point you in the direction of the review section of the Sweet Tooth app in the app store in case you had not seen that already! Here you can see the 432 left by users of the app themselves and they all look really recent as well!

I had a look at the app and I remember trying it out before and finding it quite easy to use, and I love that its a monetary discount! I hope that it works out for you really well :)

Thanks Rob!