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Hi, I am new to eCommerce and to Shopify and SEO, and am trying to create a website for my business. I am now starting to creating tags and collections for my products. The product that I sell is rugs.  I was wondering, when creating tags, should I include the word "rugs" over and over again in all my tags?  For example, I have 3x5 rugs, 5x8 rugs, 8x10 rugs, etc, should the tag include the rugs again? Is that better for SEO? Also for example I have Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Indian Rugs, Chinese rugs, should I include the word rugs again in my tags?  Is it better for SEO to include the word "rugs" again in the tag on Shopify?  If it does not make a difference for the tag, I am guessing though that it probably would be better in terms of SEO to repeat the word rug again for my actual names of collections that appear on my website.  Is that true? Thanks!   


You can do it naturally. If your product is rugs, just include the words in the product title and description. But the keyword density will not greatly affect your search rank regarding this keyword "rugs" or "rug". 


I would suggest researching niche keywords, like "living room rugs", "outdoor rugs"  or other niche keywords with a few thousand search volume per month. Niche keywords with the fewer monthly search volume but with a higher CPC are good. These keywords will have fewer competitions and higher buy intent. 


After that, create some articles on your store with these keywords. Besides, you can try guest posting in relevant sites like review sites, communities. Guest posting can create backlinks from other relevant sites. These links are valuable SEO juice for your store. 


Don't limit yourself with articles. You can try with videos, images, etc. Just try to create valuable content and link back to your site. For example, reviewing different rugs products with youtube videos, tutorial videos on how to wash and keep rugs clean. How to prevent virus during pandemics, etc. This way, you can drive traffics from other sites and generate backlinks, which are essential to boost your search ranks

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Hope you are well.
Tags are vital for a website as well as SEO.
Title tags belong to the <head> section that specifies the webpage of the website. They appear as the heading in the search engine result pages and show up on browsers and social networks.
Tags are needed to have a compresensive and clear idea about the page content. The page title is the first and the foremost thing for a searcher to look for in the search engine result pages and decide if the page would meet the requirements for the searchers query or not.
The title tag should be 50-60 characters long, more specifically it should include the brand's name with the most important keywords in a proper sequence. The tags on the website impacts the amount of click and also improves CTR thereby decreasing the bounce rate.

Following are the best practices while creating tags-
>>Each page should contain a unique tag that clearly describes the value the page contains.
>>Include Long as well as short tail keywords but don't overuse them.
>>Use proper call to action or additional hints to get more traffic on the website.
>>Make the tags simple, easy and readable for the users.


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Hi @jewelrugs ,


To be honest, tags are great for customer experience, not doing much for SEO. If you're a merchant and not an SEO specialist, do your best to bring the best experience to your customers. That should be 60% of SEO right there. Then learn about link building.

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