Making a loss on shopify help please..

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Hello there. So I run a website called I dropship watches. This is definitely not my first shopify as I have experienced a lot of failures before. I decided to use instagram influencers to promote my free plus shipping watch. 

It cost me $52 (Instagram influencers- various accounts) all together and I made $108.90 worth of sales (10 orders). The product costs were about $50 all together and on top of that the Shopify monthly subscription + hurrify was $33.99. I am very happy that I made sales but I am making a loss right now ( about -$38). I am currently running a $5 a day retargeting campaign on facebook ads (to target those who clicked on the site but did not buy). Can anyone give me some help or advice please. It will be much appreciated!

EDIT: I am also using abondoned cart checkout and I recovered two orders.


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Hi, I would try to improve your website.  You need some of the standard content adding (about us, contact us, shipping policy etc.).

Also add some product descriptions rather than just the specs provided.

You should also increase the product selection as you only seem to have 4 products and they are not the most exiting watches.  I am not sure which country you are based in but in the UK there is a company called "The Watch Shop" and they have a range of over 7000 mens watches so would have something for everyone, I am not suggesting you compete with that but you do need a varied selection.

Add links to your social media pages and try to come up with a logo.

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Hi Nawed,

I would agree with the above reply. While your ads might be running great, if you don't have more products to keep your visitors engaged, they'll bounce pretty quickly. Since you are running a drop shipping model, your risk would be quite low in increasing your catalog.

Further more, consider improving the overall design when it comes to displaying your products. If you can photograph your own product images rather than using the stock images from the supplier, you'll see a boost in sales. Also, add more photographs to each product listing.

Hurrify won't be of much help to you, in my experience. While buying products like watches (or any other accessories for that matter), customers typically look at multiple stores and take their time before making a purchase. When they'll be greeted with the same timer on their next visit to your store, you'll lose their trust since they were enticed into making a purchase with the promise of a fake sale that ends in 15 minutes.

Which abandoned cart app are you using currently?


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