Many add to carts but no sales

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So I received 20 add to carts and 7 initiated checkouts but i have still no sales. I have optimized my checkout page, I offer free shipping, I have reduced the checkout process so that the customer moves on faster but I am still not converting. The strange thing is, if I optimize my adverts for add to cart I have a pretty good cpm. I get about 4 link clicks for 1€. But if I optimize for purchase I get no link clicks at all - literally no one. How is that possible? Could there be an error? Has anyone experience with optimizing for initiate checkout? Thanks in advance.


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That can be a bummer! But have you tried automated SMS Marketing to help you with conversion? There's a lot of reasons why people abandon cart but with SMS Marketing, you can always subtly remind your customers and motivate them to convert. You might want to join the waiting list for ConvertJoy, it's gonna help you solve this problem.

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Hi @Antonio081001 

I think the reason may be currency formating, the buyers in one country but you in other country. Also, you can try one of these app to recover abandoned cart.

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