Marketing Automation + Livechat for Shopify store

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We've recently launched the FitTrack Australia eCommerce store.  


With other stores we've launched, to generate traffic and sales we've relied heavily on SEO and to a lesser degree paid ads and to an even lesser degree, social media marketing.  And as we were killing it with the on page SEO, organic traffic drove the majority of sales and traffic and so the it was reasonably effective.   And so effectively, for the most part, we had to do very minimal marketing


Recently, I've been at the receiving end of some excellent 'marketing automation' and I've been really impressed.  The app that was used by the vendor I was dealing with is Intercom.  It has motivated us to look for something that can take our marketing to the next level.  

So the question is, have you found any particular Marketing Automation + Live chat tools work well for ecommerce?  It would be great if there was some level of CRM functionality too.  Email marketing would be essential as well.  One requirement would be that it would be able to handle multiple business divisions / brands.  


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts & experiences.