Marketing / List Management App suggestions? (Shopify or 3rd party is OK)

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I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for marketing / list management apps that either are part of the shopify app store or would integrate via other methods (Zapier, etc)

Main goals are to be able to track customer source codes (we do direct snail-mail as well), purchasing habits down to product and product category and basically customer modeling.

Ex: create a list of all people who purchased Salmon (consisting of more than one SKU so I'd like to be able to do it via both SKU and category which would know which SKUs are related) in the last 6 months and exclude those in the last 3 days and include/exclude certain source codes.

I'd also like to automate some parts such as if customer purchased X which is in category Salmon, send them Salmon recipes X days after purchase.

Model customer behavior based on previous purchase history. Ex, if customer repeatedly buys anything (or a specific product) every year in February then email them late January to deliver the email when they're more likely to purchase.

We also have a loyalty program so I would like to be able to use loyalty data (products purchased with it, current points, etc) in the modeling and automation as well.

And anything else that would help to automate and model. I'm sure there's plenty of scenarios I haven't thought of.