Marketing Time....Help Ideas and Direction to increase Traffic

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Hi There,

I launched my business in October and got it up and running quite quickly without the chance to really get into any Marketing, luckily sales were coming in and things were happening ....but It is now March and it's time!!

I would really appreciate your feedback and direction on the best ways to go about increasing traffic to the site.

I have a very limited budget, but I know it's importance to take it to the next level!

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Samantha,

One of the most important things is to make sure your getting customers to buy what they are putting in their carts. I can help with that. 

We do this using a Multichannel re-targeting approach. We re-target abandon carts using all channels. We are the only company that uses SMS which are opened at a rate of 97% and read within 3 min!


Our exclusive re-targeting approach will enable your company to realize 15% or more revenue that you would have otherwise lost.

Why Carts Guru is different---


1} Carts Guru can set an SPF record which allows us to access your mail server and send out emails to your customers on your behalf. This means that more emails will go to their inbox rather than spam, as a result more emails are opened by your customers-- more than 30% than our competitors.


2} Carts Guru uses a "direct cart link" on all SMS and Emails which when clicked by customer takes them directly to their "check out" page on your website. An ease of use- streamlined process for your customer to complete their order.


3} Carts Guru is the only "Re-targeting" platform that combines all segments of Retargeting.


Enclosed is a short 2 min. video which will give you an overview of how we can help you recover lost sales and increase your ROI.


Click Here--Retrieve Lost Sales



For a more detailed explanation of our features please contact me and I will schedule you a short 20 min. Demonstration with our Account Mgr. Also and more important we know time is money so we will give you a no hassle 14 Day free trial. If you're not satisfied with our service it’s no revenue loss to you. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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Hey Samantha,

Congratulations on the launch, I've myself launched recently and am experimenting with a bunch of approaches.

My primary approach for driving traffic to the site is via FB Ads. I routinely publish pictures and have started experimenting with Videos.


Just curious, if you've experimented with product video's for advertizing your products.

Do you think that would be of help in driving traffic or engagement?