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Hi I am an owner of a beard care website and ive been doing facebook and adwords ads and it seems like im talking to a brick wall so to speak i feel im am just wasting money. when using ads for page likes its costly like a dollar or so a like and thats too much for our company at the moment and we arent getting conversions? any tips or insight? I have limited funds and have exhausted almost every podcast so if anyone knows of any low cost mentor programs that could help as well thanks for the feedback

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Hey James, 

It's always hard to get initial traffic and regular sales.The mantra of success is being persistent. 

Here are some tips to market your store:

Facebook Ads / Adwords are not sustainable source of traffic. The may give you some traffic boost but you need to develop channels from where you will get constant flow of quality traffic. As you are in the Fashion niche, I will advice you to hit the social media first.

i) Social Media is a place from where you can have descent traffic if you can build an audience.The best thing is you can do it yourself. Here are the steps:

  • Start with few social media. Facebook,Pinterest and Instagram are the best for your niche.Create complete and enticing profiles there. See how successful businesses optimize their profiles. Here's a free ebook to optimize your social profiles.

  • Build audience: You can reach your fan/followers any time with ease.You may have already invited your friends and family to like your pages, if not then do that first. Encourage your web site visitors to follow you on social media through exit intend popups or any other way. Promote your social media account any where (like on emails from your website, packaging of your produce ) possible. Run Facebook ads for Page Likes not website visits because once some one like your page you can reach her anytime.

  • Be consistent: The most common mistake people do on social media is being inconsistent. You need to reach regularly to your fan/followers. But it's very time consuming to create and publish no. of posts on different social media. To make it easy, use DIY social media tools like .

  • Create Buzz: People are overloaded with content on social media. To create your own space create buzz among your followers. May it be short video (for example behind the scene videos works really wel), funny GIF's , special giveway for your followers or competition for a free shopping on your site.

ii) SEO is a sustainable source of traffic. It's a continious work but the result worth it. First try to complete the on page SEO. Check your site with free tools like It will tell you where are you lacking. I will suggest you to hire a professional Shopify SEO expert for your website.

Hope this will help you for a head start :)


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Hi James,

If you don't have remarketing in the mix, you may want to try that before writing off paid traffic. It really doesn;t make sense to pay for traffic, and then not have a way to follow up with people - after all, when was the lat time you bought something the first time you landed on a new website?

The other strategy is to have a super high performing opt-in that turns paid traffic into subscribers. 

I describe how we handle both in this article:

Good luck!


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Hi James,

I agree that social media and organic community building is most important for a brand like yours. I have an apparel line and for me, paid acquisition has worked well but I agree it can be quite costly. I recommend Facebook and Pinterest ads if you want to do paid advertising, and for FB, make sure you are optimizing for conversions if that is your objective. For audience building, I recommend a tool called Insight Hero (

I also found a random way to increase conversions; I had been using a Chrome extension called Honey (, which is a tool that automatically plugs in coupon codes for users at check out. Because they have so many active members, I reached out to them and had them activate the app on my store. Since then, my conversions have inreased about 40% (probably because customers are excited to get a deal). Hope this helps!