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I just launched my site this week ( and I need help with generating traffic to my site and just getting it known.  I've been mostly posting on Facebook and instagram.  I'm getting quite a bit of a following each day on instagram.  And I'm looking for a team of people that are experienced in engaging customers and helping me run a successful ad campaign as well as daily posts on my social media accounts.  I am on a tight budget so please try to understand that.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Please contact me at 

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Hi Pam! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I'll be happy to help with social media marketing

Have a look below how it works:

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Hi Pam!

Your website looks really nice. If you just launched an online store, you're in Validation Phase. It means you still need to find a market for your product. For stores that don't have a huge budget, "niche" is the way to go. 

Try to brainstorm ideas for target markets, taking into account interests, location, age, gender, life-moment, etc. Be very specific. Then find places where you can reach them for free, like forums, communities, events, facebook groups, etc. 

Don't invest in advertising until you're confident that you found a group of people that is excited to buy from you. 

I'm doing a free webinar this Wednesday where we talk about all the steps companies go through, and the tactics and metrics to grow a sustainable business, and not just waste cash in Google or Facebook advertising. I think it would be interesting for you: How to Use Data to Grow Sales to Your Store.

Hope to see you there!

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