Marketing sucks.

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Hey everyone!

I don't know about you, but I've always felt that marketing was one of the hardest skills to learn, "get right", and get working - at least coming from a non-marketing background myself. In fact, I (admittedly) avoided it for years (or simply half-assed it) because it felt so foreign, alien, and unnatural to me.

In talking with a lot of first-time e-commerce store owners lately, it seems that there's a consensus among them that "marketing sucks".

I feel that a lot of the reason for this is because we're constantly inundated with examples of bad marketing.

We look at some company's marketing and think "Oh, I should try that, since it seems to be working for them." But when we try it out ourselves, it doesn't seem to do much of anything.

Because we can only see the tip of the marketing iceberg that other companies put out, we think that that marketing approach must be what's working for them - because otherwise why would they be doing it?

But in fact, most marketing doesn't work.

That's not to say that marketing doesn't work - it does. Just not always the way we think that it should, and definitely not every time. (But nobody wants to tell you that, of course!)

Seeing that so many first-time entrepreneurs seem to struggle with this, I've decided to try and do something about it.

And that's where you can help!

I'm trying to get as many entrepreneurially-minded people like us here to share our experiences in marketing so that we can all learn from each other.

Even if you "suck at marketing" or don't have any customers yet - I want to hear about your experiences! I want to know what's been most difficult for you, what you've found works or doesn't work, even what books or podcasts you've found helpful and useful.

My plan is to turn all of this into a report and guide that first-time store owners and entrepreneurs can use to help tackle their marketing efforts. Something that will help people not only know what's worked (and not worked) for others like them, but also what resources they should be checking out (books, podcasts, blogs, etc.) that others like them found useful and helpful for "getting good" at marketing.

To help out, all you need to do is to fill out and submit this Google Form here, and you'll get a copy of the report when it's ready:

(And of course I promise I'm not going to spam you or do any other evil stuff like that. Scout's honor.)

Thanks and feel free to leave comments or questions below if you have any!


P.S. If you want to be entertained a little before you fill out the form, you can check out this post I wrote which links to the form at the end. Enjoy!

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Hi Clifford!

Marketing can be frustrating in many ways, we want to see instant results of our actions and when it does not happen we get frustrated. Most of the Marketing actions are long term, it means that we have to give it some time in order to see if it is suitable for us.

You have to find your own Marketing channel for your store, if something works for someone it does not mean that it will also work for you, you have to test, test and test.

Another advise that i would give to new entrepreneurs beginning in Marketing are is: keep an eye to Marketing 4Ps: Product, Placement, Price and Promotion.

-Product: Do my products have people interested on buying? Are they good?

-Placement: Does my page look good and trustworthy?

-Price: Are my prices competitive? How are the prices of my competitors?

-Promotions: Am i developing some awesome promotions that my clients won't be able to resist? 

This regarding to traditional Marketing (most of the times we forget it)




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