Migrating to WooCommerce - How to Proceed with Proper 301 Redirects?

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We are migrating a website from Shopfiy to WooCommerce for a client and we are wondering how to go about redirecting the URLs to the other website in order to keep the page rank(s)?

The domain is going to be the same - basically they are just using the same domain and everything, just having the website redesigned on WooCommerce and then the domain transferred over to the website through DNS settings.

Do we need to even do a 301 redirect since we are using the same domain, or do we need to do a 301 redirect from WooCommerce rather than Shopify?

Thanks for the help and if this does not make sense just let me know.

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If any of your indexed URLs change, then you are best to set up 301 redirects. Where possible try and make the URLs stay the same.

Whatever your domain is hosted on has to do the redirects. i.e. WooCommerce. I normally use the Redirection plugin to make it an easier job.

Or you can code redirects in via the .htaccess file in the root of your new hosting. I provide a free tool to help generate the code required:


It can be a good move to crawl your Shopify website to discover what URLs exist. If you want to be detailed, using Google Search Console, Google Analytics and backlink tools can help you discover more URLs. 

With that list you can set up a spreadsheet of all the URLs that could do with a redirect. Which you can then add where the URLs are moving to. A good way to prioritise is to focus on ones that show up in the Google Search Consoles Search Analytics report first, then ones that show to have external backlinks.

After your migration, keep a good eye in the Search Console for missing page errors. They are sorted in the order Google thinks are important. Try and fix what you can with redirects.

Where possible redirect to an equivalent page. This is good for users, and increases your chances of transferring the ranking signals from the old URL. 

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Sure, 301 redirects are essential - that's the only way to save your google rankings. URL structures of your WooCommerce store will most likely differ from what you had on Shopify.

May I wonder what migration solution you're using? Perhaps you'd better try Cart2Cart for this purpose - it lets you create 301 redirects from all your old store's products and categories automatically.

Also, I'd recommend you to take a close look at your 404 page and ensure it's user-friendly enough. It's nearly imposible to get rid of 404 pages completely, so a good 404 page with navigational menue, an apology and a small discount (optionally) could go a long way!