Monthiversery email marketing

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I have a pretty simple email marketing need, but I can't seem to find an app that will do it despite claims

I want to send an email to customers every 30days after their first purchase.  I want to format one email for each month, so that email will go out to each customer on the day the ordered + 1 month, then + 2 months etc.. every month until they unsub.



Cust A ordered on 1/1/17, I want an email to go 2/1/17, 3/1/17 etc.

Cust B ordered 1/16/17, I want an email to go 2/16/17, 3/16/17 etc


can anybody help on this?   even better would be if it checked to see if the customer is a current Recharge subscriber.. but that would be icing on the cake at this point!

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I think you can do this on Conversio or Bizzy, Klaviyo, even MailChimp