Multiple Facebook Pixels with Shopify

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We are in the midst of building out a new e-Commerce platform of our website and are planning to leverate two separate partners who will both be using Facebook Advertising to drive traffic to the site. With that being said, both would like to use Facebook pixels to retarget consumers and run Dynamic Product Ads. 

Does Shopify allow for multiple FB pixels to be placed in it's platform? Using the integrated tool where you just enter your Pixel ID it appears not? 

Any help and/or insights would be appreciated.


You can always test, but I doubt the default integrated tool allows multiple pixels. Use the pixel troubleshooting tool to help:

After testing the FB pixels through the Shopify settings, and confirming that doesn't work, you'll need to manually setup the pixels using addPixelId:

fbq('addPixelId', 'xxxxxx');

More information at

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Has anyone successfully set up multiple Facebook pixels manually in Shopify?

My concern with this approach is that if we don't use Shopify's native pixel implementation, we are required to manually configure all standard and custom events (see—whereas Shopify takes care of this natively, right?

Are we just making life incredibly difficult by using multiple pixels and is it worth the hassle?

Any advice would be welcomed.

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