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Hi, I have launched my ecommerce site very recently. Here it is:

Can you please have a quick review my website and check the SEO optimized or not. I don't see much traffic into my website, so not sure if I did not use keywords which will help my site is most searchable.

Appreciate your help and support..




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At a quick glance I'm seeing it's not SEO optimized.

Coupe things I see:

1) The title tag (most important on-page SEO element) of your home page is: "Freshness at your doorstep - Freshcarton". Those aren't keywords that people will likely search to find your spot.

Your title tags should be descriptive keywords that users will search to find your products... so you might do something like "Darjeeling Black Tea - Organic Loose Leaf Teas from India" (just a quick idea without doing keyword research for this market).

2) Same concept for your product pages. Instead of the title tag (SEO section at the bottom in Shopify product pages) just being the same as your product title, change that up with some juicy keywords.

3) Work on getting links to your site. This is the single most important factor in SEO, getting quality sites linking to you.

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Thank you Joe for your quick helpful response.