My facebook ads keeps getting rejected

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My fb shop sells ceramic tiles samples to promote my offline store.  One product has different pattern color and pattern.  When I create a facebook ad for them, it says it violates the "before-and-after" advertising policy.  I guess the facebook AI thinks the same tile with different pattern is the before and after effect.  How can I solve that problem?


This is an accepted solution.

Hey Did you already try requesting a review? That might do it. You're not violating the terms, so that just might do it. 

Also, try creating several different images when you launch new ads. Or even a video slideshow which you can make inside FB ads manager. That way, it's more likely that one of the ads gets approved and you can learn more about the idosyncracies of the platform. Also, the visual element of the ad is maybe THE most important when it comes to getting your ad noticed, read, and clicked so it's always good to test visuals against each other. 

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