My facebook pixel does not show Add To Cart Event

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The add to cart event doesn't show nor record in Pixel. I installed Pixel using the regular way (paste the pixel in Preference section) and use the unchanged add to cart drawer from Brooklyn Theme. Does anyone know to fix this issue?



In addition to tracking your website visitors, Facebook pixel lets you track nine different “Standard Events” that people make on your website.

  1. View Content
  2. Search
  3. Add-to-cart
  4. Add-to-wishlist
  5. Initiate checkout
  6. Add payment into
  7. Make purchase
  8. Lead
  9. Complete Registration

If you want to track any of these Standard Events, as you stated “Add-to-cart” you’ll need to add some additional code to your website’s header section, just above the </head> tag.
Your website’s original code: Paste the Facebook pixel code between the <head> and </head> tags of your web page.
Your Facebook pixel base code: what you installed in the previous step of this guide
Your standard event code: Within your Facebook pixel code, above the </script> tag, paste the Standard Event code. You’ll need to add the Standard Event’s code to every page you want to track.


AddToCart either on a new page load or on the click of an Add To Cart button. There are multiple ways to handle clicks on buttons.
Here’s how the code will look:

<!-- Somewhere there is a button that performs Add to Cart -->
<button id="addToCartButton">Add To Cart</button>

<!-- Add Pixel Events to the button's click handler -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var button = document.getElementById('addToCartButton');
function() { 
fbq('track', 'AddToCart', {
content_name: 'Really Fast Running Shoes', 
content_category: 'Apparel & Accessories > Shoes',
content_ids: ['1234'],
content_type: 'product',
value: 4.99,
currency: 'USD' 

So please check if the code has been installed at standard event way on your website.


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what steps to check the code has been installed at standard even?