My site is not ranking like I had hoped.

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Hi All,


I'm new here so please excuse any stupid questions.  My site, is not ranking as I had hoped, even for really specific searches.  The site we used to use seems to rank higher even though that domain is pointed to (although you can still get to other pages on the site) I'll need to figure out how to fix that.   I am using the Smart SEO plugin but have no idea if that's doing anything.   Any tips you have would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance :)

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Hey Analog Classics,


SEO ranking is all about longevity, links and copywriting.


It sounds like is a new domain, so it likely has few links to it.

Redirecting an existing domain (like can help bootstrap links, but it sounds like you haven't fully committed, since the old domain still serves on many URLs, e.g.


I think you need to decide: are you going to keep both domains? If yes, start building links to in its own right. Otherwise, commit fully to redirecting all traffic and SEO "juice" from kroegermusic to analogclassics.

Also some generic best practices stuff: I see that analogclassics has a bunch of collections in its navbar that have no products. You should either remove those collections, or add products to them.

Hope that helps!

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