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My store has been up and running for around 1 month. I'm currently advertising through Snapchat ads, google ads, and some free ways such as social media. I just haven't been seeing the results. If you have any tips or information I would really appreciate it.


Hey EthanBeaith,

Firstly, you need set your targets, what do you want?

- Boost your sales

- Get more traffic

The first important thing is your store launched with high quality content. That help customer

As I know, our store has Fitness Products. You can create an blog category to produce contents regarding workout exercises, healthy receipts,... 


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Every year, significant changes take place in every industry that is heavily reliant on technology. Keeping up with modern marketing practices can be challenging in today's fast-paced world. Any business that wishes to increase brand awareness must concentrate on marketing. Marketing is one of the essential strategies in today's world because it allows companies to build long-term and consistent relationships with their customers. It's a long-term strategy that helps businesses grow and build a stronger brand image. It entails customer engagement, which is at the heart of any successful business, particularly small ones.

Here some of the essential marketing tips that can boost your company growth and drive increased sales:

  • Familiarise yourself with your clients
  • Redesign your website
  • Concentrate on delivering high-quality content 
  • Incorporate paid social media to build traffic base
  • Develop user experience regularly
  • Use Facebook advertising to promote your company
  • Make use of LinkedIn as a platform for promoting your business
  • Be active on Twitter
  • Provide great customer service
  • Set up a Google My Business account for your business
  • Use Google AdWords to channelize your market
  • Begin A/B Testing
  • Organize events
  • Look for new opportunities while nurturing current customers
  • As you go, keep track of what works and refine your strategy



Hi @EthanBeaith ,

What audience you are targeting too? Have you added some specific filters like lookalikes or retargeting audiences?If you are generally advertising to any people basis on only on the country, you might be setting up things terribly wrong.

The card abandoned rates for any e-commerce store are generally upto 65% percent. Most of this people could be converted if they are reminded of there carts in advertisements. Try to create re-targeting campaigns to show people ads of products which they have left abandoned in there carts.

If you have enough of purchasers data, create lookalike audience of it to find people which might be interested in purchasing your store. This technique is called prospecting campaigns. Fb AI find very precised audience and promotes to people who will genuinely be interested in purchasing your products.

Try targeting lookalike of your past purchasers, this way you optimize campaign to find people with closest resemblance to people most likely to convert on your store. If you have significant abandoned cart, try retargeting campaigns. Most of sales for our clients comes in with this campaign. Try running prospecting campaigns for initial 30-45 days and once you have enough conversion start retargeting

Use this campaigns, we have seen our clients getting significant part of their sales by following below strategies:

  • Cart abandoned campaigns - Show ads to people who have left cart abandoned on your store
  • Best Seller Campaigns - Show people who visited your store in the last 30 days, a carousel ad of the best seller in your store. The data is refreshed on daily basis.
  • Discounts/Sales Campaigns - Give discount coupons to your existing customers who might be interested in a product
  • Prospecting Campaigns - Find new audience which are similar to people who have visited or purchased from your store.
  • Social Media Base Campaigns- Target audience who engaged with your social media posts/ads.
  • Cross-sell /Upsell Campaigns- Cross sell or upsell products to audience who have already made a purchase from your store

You can also try this app Addyz. Its an ad automation and optimisation platform. It comes with predefined campaign strategies for full funnel audience targeting. This can make a significant difference in your advertising and improve your conversion rates, even with a low ad spend.

Addyz is ad optimization and automation platform for facebook and Instagram ads. Addyz allow store owners to create proven campaign strategies and branded catalogues to increase ad efficiency and boost sales

Hi @EthanBeaith

I'd say there are 02 major marketing activities you need to focus on, the first one is to get traffic to your store, the 2nd one is to convert them into sales. 

For the first part, it seemed that most of the marketing activities are already having the focus on Getting traffic - however getting traffic is one thing, getting traffic that are your target audience is another thing. I'd recommend you double-check your ad targeting to see if the ads are targeting the right people. 

Plus, consider using other Inbound Marketing methods like SEO - research keywords people use to find products in your niches, write blog posts about these keywords, then link these blog posts to relevant product pages. Getting SEO done right can be difficult, but you can check out how to onpage SEO the right way HERE

The 2nd part is converting your traffic into sales, to do that you'd need to brush up your website, make sure that: 

  • Your product photos are crisply beautiful. Product photos can be pivotal in keeping visitors on your site longer and nudging them to convert. 
  • Add Testimonials/ Product Reviews/ to establish credibility and trust. People would not want to buy products from a website with little reviews. 
  • Seek out for a better color scheme - the color palette you are using is too dark and not really good from a Behavioral Marketing standpoint - people are more likely to act and respond to bright colors, that's why people use red/yellow/green packgaing and marketing materials in the supermarket. 
  • Emply FOMO effects - use Countdown Timer, the Discount badge to urge visitors to act. 

On building a good product page, you can check out this guide: Product Page Fundamentals 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up or like I'd really appreciate it! 

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