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I have clothing store

I have some traffic and have 2 sales. 

I need advicem can pay for it.

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I saw 262k backlinks in your store and zero traffic... did u make seo by yourself?

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Hey Romkahpwnz, 

Cool store - some interesting products there! 

I can give you some SEO advice for free - if your page is selling a t-shirt, make sure you have "t-shirt" somewhere in your title tag (and url) if possible.

Take this product for example:

It's a t-shirt with champagne on it - but there is no reference to "t-shirt" in the url or title tag. 

You can see what it looks like in the search results in the screenshot below.

Google (and a human reader) may think that page was selling champagne, or at the very least be confused about what was being sold.

That problem seems to be quite common on your site. Tidying up your tags would be quite an easy fix and should definitely improve your search engine traffic numbers. 

Good luck! 




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Google ads are great if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

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Hi there,

It looks like you have a great store with some really unique products! As an ecommerce store owner, it is important that you examine the reasons why you may not be meeting your sales goals. Remember, site traffic does not always equal relative sales.


Here are a couple questions to ask yourself:

 Who are you selling to?

Consider who your target market is. Who, exactly, are you trying to sell your products to? A common problem for shop owners occurs when their products are being marketed to the wrong demographic. This could be a major reason you are seeing decent site traffic without the reflective sales. Narrow down your target audience considerably to avoid wasting time and money.


How are you advertising to them?

Once you become familiar with your target market, you must advertise to them accordingly. How are you currently advertising? Different demographics respond to different kinds of advertising. Keep your ads fluid and dynamic to figure out what works best for your target audience. If you haven’t tried it already, Facebook Ads is a valuable (free!) tool for you to use to your shop’s advantage. FB Ads allows you to reach a wider audience - making your brand considerably more visible.   


Suggested Shopify apps to help you meet your goals

Narrowing down your target demographic, and subsequently marketing to them effectively, is easier said than done. If you find that you’re having difficulty navigating these platforms, Shopify has some great apps like Pollen ( to help you cut through the confusion. Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales. It takes as little as 2 minutes to set up a campaign.

I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and your shop!