Need New E-Juice/Vape Marketing Methods/Sales Channels!!

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Hi Guys!


I recently launched an online retail E-Juice/Vaporizer site called The Chillin Company. I am looking for ways and different channels I can push traffic for E-Juice/Vapes through. 

E-Juice/Vaporizers are prohibited from being advertised on Google/Facebook Ads, and we need another way to reach many customers!!

All our products are ready to ship, however we need customers!! Please email me if you have methods/channels that would generate revenue for a site like this!


My email is!

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Hi there dave im dave aswell i own a small retail shop down in plymouth i sell vapes accesories and all sorts of other items click on this link to see my store maybe i can help you sell some items if you have a website we could maybe swap links or something?