Need Suggestions for Building Trust & Marketing Unique Products (one-offs)

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I launched a few weeks ago ( and it has been somewhat slow , as i expected.  We have been in business since 1978 but have recently moved online. We have established sales and customers/relationships offline but have not made an online sale yet. 

Two questions that i would like your feedback on:

1.What are some suggestions/ideas that can help build more trust online?   We sell higher priced items and i realize that people will not trust me off the bat.  I have started a blog and am working on getting more consistent with my content.  Also we started on Instagram and are beginning to get some followers and engagement -- I also started doing videos on Instagram.  I have a testimonial page from some of our existing customers

2. What are some suggestions/ideas for marketing products that are unique in the sense they are one-offs?  We only have 1 of each item in investory that we sell and i'm curious how folks would proceed in marketing these items using facebook ads and adwords, etc. Also any thoughts on a refer a friend campaign for my exisitng offline customers if they bring someone online?

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions you have. 


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The best way to build more trust still remains word-of-mouth. Adding user testimonials and reviews to your website is the right apporach. Do consider adding visual user generate content to your website. Data says ~70 percent of consumers are strongly affected by real-life user endorsements when making a purchase decision.

Instagram is also a very effective channel to run promoters and influencer campaigns. For a product range like yours, an endorsement by a relevant micro-influencer can help you boost your presence. So that is another medium worth considering.

Do check out Incent Social app that allows you to create Instagram referral reward campaigns and enables you to build a social proof in the form of shoppable galleries on storefront. If you are interested, we are offering 50% off lifetime discount on paid plans. Let me know if it interests you.

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If you are looking to build the trust flow, apart from review and testimonials, also earn backlinks from really good sites with higher trust flow, but you don't want to do a black hat promotion to get caught by Google. I kinda learned it in a harder way. I'm working as the marketing analyst in Cedar Software Technologies ( and only joined recently. I was shocked to notice some really bad backlinks, actually the links were from really good sites, but found that the way links were earned was really bad. I had to remove those links inorder to clean up the backlink profile and what resulted was drop of trust flow. 

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You mentioned that you've been in business since 1978? That's a major trust factor. It should be one of the first things a visitor sees when they arrive to your site. Pictures of the store in the About Us section could also help. 

PS: Since you're new on online marketing, it may be interesting for you attend our free webinar next Wednesday. We're going over How to Use Data to Grow Sales to Your Store.

Could be useful for you. Many of our clients are offline retailers moving online.

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