Need help: 4 weeks operating, strong Instagram followers and yet NO sales!

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Hi all,

I need honest and constructive advice as I am very new to e-commerce and this is my first business. 

I’ve had my website operating for 4 weeks and have not had any sales.

I have created my website and tried not to make it product based, hoping to create engagement and more importantly sales.

In terms of advertisement, I have IG account @mitty_burns that has over 10.7k followers. I have advertised the website on my IG. As well as each time I post, I mention the website and what products are used for that picture. In average I get 120-250 likes and 20 comments per pic.

I am currently running a giveaway that requires an account to follow me and more importantly re-posting the giveaway that also has the website.

Also I am currently giving a 10% discount. I did the same for Cyber Monday and no sales.

I have also send samples to bloggers and big IG account holders which they have reviewed the product and posted in IG. (Min follower per account is 15k). These account (bloggers) hold accumulatively over $250k followers.

Despite all above, I have: 

  • Very little traffic to the site, average 12 per day
  • No sales
  • Only 2 products added to cart and 1 reached check out and then cancelled

Clearly, something or a number of things aren’t right. As I can’t identify these, I need your help please.

I need some advice on what I could be doing differently to generate. (Please feel free to be as honest as required)