Need help with marketing and getting higher in search engines.

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Ive been running my online store now for a few months and have had close to 900 visits but only about 8 sales. I know this probably isnt a bad conversion rate for a start but I want to know how can I get more organic traffic? How do I get my store ranked higher in search engines? I have put alot of money into instagram adverts and instagram marketing but it doesnt pay off enough so I want to try get more organic traffic. What is the best way to do this? Thank you

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If your looking for free traffic, writing usefull articles about your products is the most effective. It can take between 6 months and a year to see the full effect of your efforts. But if you write good content that is added value for the person needing the information, than it is a good way forward.

If your looking for paid traffic, than I recommend Google Shopping, it's very effective.

The main tip I give people whom are looking to find more traffic, is to find them where the buy intent is high. Just paying to get traffic is not key to success. But paying traffic where the intent is high than that is success.

For example, if I see your ad on Facebook, I'm not intersted in buying, so what you are doing is brand or product awarness, this has a very low to no short term results. This is a very long term indirect strategy.

But if you advertise on a marketplace than you konw they are interested in buying, so the results are much higher.

I personally recommend Google Shopping, just because the results are there. But you do need to have enough margin to be able to afford the costs associated to advertising.

Hope it helps.

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I think I have an idea of where your target demographic is. Are you trying to exist in the streetwear/Hypebeast space?

If so, I can help you out with a few pointers. Shoot me an email:

Streetwear is such a finnicky market, and it completely depends on your messaging + who you're affiliated with. It's a pretty detailed conversation, so hit me back when you have the time!

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Just sent you an email :)

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Thanks! Ill check out google shopping and see what its like :)

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Hey man, 

If you need a full website overview shoot me an email at, I'll analysis our website for free and give you the SEO pointers you need. 



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you are getting traffic but conversion ratio is less. one reason behind the less conversion rate might be the improperly targeted audience.

so work on it make a list of the targeted audience, age group, location and then work accordingly. people will leave your site if they don't find it useful or relevant. so target less but relevant audience. it will increase the chance of conversions.

or your site may not be optimized according to guidelines. there are many factors that affect conversions.

you should contact the best SEO company or let me know I will suggest you the one who gave a free quotation.

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Since you have stated that your website is driving less conversion, I would ask you if your website fulfilling the demand of users to-the-point. Is it attractive enough to drive conversions.

What is your bounce rate? And more important, What is the number of SERP where your site is ranking? Because if it does not rank well, there are less chances for you to catch target audience.

The better option is to approach an SEO Company instead of following DIY SEO to rank high.

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I would suggest having a blog and writing at least one article a day.  Google like long articles.  Articles that are about 2000 words.  Use a tool like Semrush or Ahrefs and figure out what keywords are good.  Once you get those keywords come up with articles.  Also, one of the easiest ways to increase your traffic is to get links that your competitor has.  Therefore, you can plug your competitor into a tool called ahrefs and see where they are getting back links and go after those same links.

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If you're looking at getting more organic search results (and you're serious about it). I'd recommend you read this post:

This explains why the approach of building an authority ecommerce brand is a smart one. Then, read this post:

It shows you in great detail how to create an long term traffic strategy to your online store using content marketing.

Keep us updated on how you get on.

Have a great day

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