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Hi Guys.

Sales have been really good for us. But they are from third party websites and wholesalers. The problem we are having is getting traffic to our store. Really need help with marketing. Looking for a company or indivdual that can help with this. 


We recently have been selected by google as one of there top 5 emerging brands. So i know we have potential. Not looking for google advertizing as we are getting a free service from google. It all the other avenues we need help with.

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I had a quick look at your code. And spotted that you had not inserted your dynamic remarketing code correctly:

<script type="text/javascript">
var google_tag_params = {
ecomm_prodid: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
ecomm_pagetype: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
ecomm_totalvalue: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',

You need to have it insert the correct values on each page. The comment from Andy near the end of this post includes some code that looks like a good solution to me:

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Hi Glen,

I have sent you a message via your website.

Kind Regards,


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Have you considered using website push notifications? It's a relatively new marketing channel and it's really powerful. 

You can:

  • Send automated abandoned shopping cart notifications
  • Send automated shipment notifications
  • Send targeted promotions (ie anyone who has bought a product from you, viewed a sale page and lives in a certain country or state).
  • Send automated re-engagement campaigns (ie send something to anyone who hasn't been to your site in 10 days)

Pretty awesome stuff. Click through rates are over 10% on average. Best part is that visitors subscribe in one click - there's no need for capturing their email address or anything. 

Check out - they have tons of integration with Shopify sites right out of the box.


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Hi Glen,

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for traffic unless you are willing to spend money to bring people to your site - which is still no guarantee of sales. We sell well into the six figure through online but it has taken us a number of years to get there. 

You should be thinking of your marketing in terms of a funnel if you aren't already. Here is a list of tactics we use at various stages of the customer journey that may be of help.

The fact that you are selling wholesale is a very good sign. I often preach that wholesale is the best way to build your online sales over long term. Here is a full article on that idea

Feel free to reach out through the site if you have any other questions,


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Hi Glen - The email address on your account does not work. What's the best way to email you? 

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Hi Glen, 

Stephanie here from Shopify's guru team!

We have some really great help guides on SEO that I can share with you; however, have you heard of our app called Kit? Kit acts as your virtual employee, handling advertising and marketing for your store. I would highly recommend checking it out!

View Kit on the app store or Check out their website!

Here are our help docs on SEO which will help drive traffic to your store!

* Submit your sitemap to Google  
* A Beginner's Guide to Content Marketing  
* Ecommerce SEO 101 Video Series
* Find out more about blogs  

Hope this helps! Happy selling :)


Stephanie | Shopify Support
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send me an email if you have any questions on generating traffic

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Hi Glen, 

Check out Experimizer ( It's a free tool that will automate and optimize both your SEO and you's social sharing. It learns what works best for more customers to see you in search results as well as what is more likely to make them click on links to your stores in Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.. 

It's a free plugin in the Shopify App Store and once you activate it, it works right out of the box. It will take care of the heavy lifting for you for SEO and Social so it's definitely worth a look!

Let me know if you have any questions or need help getting it running. 


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What you're going to want to do is a combination of 4 marketing Techniques.

PPC - brings in new customers daily

Email Marketing - keeps your subscribers engaged with any specials you may have

Retargeting - brings back the buyers because most people don't buy on the first visit.

Social Media -  Helps create a Brand and keeps it active.

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