Need help with my Facebook and Instagram ads ASAP!

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Hey VGrant, Thanks for your suggestion.

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"I've tried influencer Instagram influencers and have also had no luck.." - if you'll tell what you did, and why, I will try to tell you how to improve in finding the right Influencer.  

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template here:
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DearMishu has a good point. Instagram influencers work if you have the right approach.

You should check out Gary Vaynerchuks episode on influencers.

It''s what started my personal influncer craze :p

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Hey Eloise!

Long story short: REMARKETING. That's true gold if you already have some traffic.

98% of the people who visit your online store leave without any purchase and you’ll never see them again. Out of those who add sth to their cart, 80% abandon it and never look back. 

So if you have some traffic from influencers, use it to create Dynamic Product Ads targeted to your site visitors and cart abandoners. You can follow up on this here:

I know that Fb and Insta marketing can be truly overwhelming, so it's smart of you to look out for support here. Maybe you should also consider putting some of your ads on autopilot?

My best, Good luck!



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Hi all,

I'm on the same boat. ?

I have had my website for a few months already and have had 122 sales.

My conversatcon rate is very low.  I personally don't spend on social media adds. Most of traffic comes from eBay (people who have bought already from us). I occasionally make some sales from people that come from Google. 


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IMO influencers are great for driving traffic that you can later use for remarketing with DPA.

Not many of e-coms know that the stats of cart abandoners and bouncing visitors are so terrible :/ Smart retargeting is actually the only way out.

Keep that in mind, fingers crossed for you guys ;)

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You need to do more audience research and try promoting videos!

Since the introduction of video in FB ads, this has been a game-changing feature that businesses needed to use. They are particularly effective for physical products/shopify stores as you get a chance to show what your product does in a clear demonstration of the features and benefits.

Here are the common types of the video ads:

* Short videos (snippets) - 0-30 seconds
* Traditional style ad - 0:30-2:00
* Long videos (edutainment) - 2:00 - 6:00

General content guidelines:
* Keep it short as possible for FB
* Think like silent film artist (85% of video views happen in MUTE)
* Incorporate design to make your videos look like high-quality production (example - slow-motion)
* Create educational and inspirational videos

FB video ads have three distinct parts:

First 10 seconds of the video:
This is the most important variable of the video, and something would be good to split test and figure out how to attract the attention.

The Meat: After 1st part, your video needs to:
* Educate
* Entertain
* Demonstrate

You can pick and choose one of the variants that suit your brand; it’s not necessary to use all 3.

CTA: A good Facebook video ads CTA is fluid, natural, and a logical next step to the viewer.

There are 2 ways you can transition to selling:
1. Hard CTA (buy the product)
2. Soft CTA (Learn more, take a sample, etc.)

Here are some content ideas from the videos that have been performing well lately:

* Product demonstration
* Celebrity endorsement and testimonial
* Customer testimonial
* Unboxing of the product
* Animated demonstration of the product and benefits
* Interview a person who helps make the product
* Show how the product gets made
* Do a how-to video featuring products

If your product has a very appealing use and it’s entertaining and beneficial to users, by all means, invest in creating video content specific for FB ads, you will reap massive ROI from having those videos.

What kind of vidoes have you created so far?

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This is all really helpful, insightful information! 

Quick question - for those of you using Facebook ads, how have you found is the best way to track that people came from your Facebook campaign - or which Facebook campaign? 

Corallary: if you are using an offer/discount to track them, how do you handle it that if people don't purchase on the first time to your website, they don't have the discount link?



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Hi, I am happy to help you create a Facebook or Instagram video add. Like this one. Just send me the url of the product you want to show so I can pick the product images from there. Once I got that, I will post the video here so you can download it.

— Guille


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"I've tried influencer Instagram influencers and have also had no luck.." - no need to FB AD or "outreach" the Influencers.  Instead, HIRE them.  Just send them a short DM message that you want to hire them and all will go well from here..

Good luck brand and Influencer heroes! – #DearMishuDad (Influencer contract template here: