Need help with my Facebook and Instagram ads ASAP!

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I've spent a few hundreds dollars on my ads and only a few purchases from my ads.

I've tried influencer Instagram influencers and have also had no luck..

I am looking to get help with my ads because I hear all about them but am clearly not doing something right. What could I be doing wrong?

What has worked for you?

What are some things you've learned that are important?

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I’m struggling too. Look forward to the answers.

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Have you tried promoting a unique offer or a freebie rather than just an ad of your product?

As more people get bombarded with ads, it takes more to stand out.

I was reading the shopify  guide on this and they used a really good example of this:

“Ads that drive people who have never heard of your store to buy your $500 hot tub is not likely to work. Unless the hot tub is free. Or rather, the “How To Pick The Best Hot Tub For Your Home” PDF guide is free. Now we’re talking.”

Even though this is an extreme case (really expensive product), the rule still applies - build trust before you ask for the sale!  It's obviously not  required, but people do this for a reason. When things get tough, this usually works better than a hardcore sales ad.

Consider building an ad with a really exciting offer that has little to no commitment. Meaning, they dont have to give you anything (except maybe an email and a few seconds of their time)

That will likely achieve better results than asking to purchase something immediately.

I mean think about it, whens the last time you bought something from someone you didn't know?

Maybe you have to support fellow entrepreneurs but the average adult needs to be able to trusth the company their buying from.

So build your brand, establish that trust, maybe collect an email - and then funnel them into a sale!

Check out the full shopify guide on Facebook ads. It’s really helpful —

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I’ve had better luck with using video in my ads. I created a ~1 minute slideshow and that worked better than image ads.

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I've learned a lot about Facebook ads recently. Shopify and oberlo blog are pretty good resources.

I would advise to

1. Give them a reason to click - Why would they leave their favorite social network to visit your site?  Dig deep here.. Put some thought into your offer so you generate good results.

2. Conduct specific experiments and document your results ( so you know what works, and what doesnt)

3. Have great design. Make sure your ad and website both look nice, well designed and trust worthy.

Good luck!

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What placements and targeting are you using? I learned that Instagram & Facebook feed was my best channels, where the FB audience network was underperforming..

And for targeting, make sure you do the appropriate research before getting crazy with your ad spend. Facebook / Instagram ads can be difficult to get the hang of and it takes a while to get them smooth sailing. But theres a reason everyone talks about them. Hint, because they work!

There’s a lot of content on the web, so it’s important to learn  from only the best. Shopify’s “3 step approach” to FB  was a good kicking off point for me. Their “Build, measure, learn approach” is quite intelligent in my opinion.  Feel free to check it out for yourself

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Social advertising is hard. I’ve learned how important conversion objectives and creatives are. Make sure you optimize for purchases.

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Google ads are great if you do that right way.Have you tried Google ads?

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SEO is the perfect solution for your site to get huge sales and traffic.

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Hi Eloise,

You are certainly not the first person to ask this question! Advertising on social media can be incredibly effective. It can be your biggest asset in boosting sales, however, you need to go about it correctly. Social media influencers are great too, but only in combination with other forms of advertising. I would advise not to rely solely on influencers and instead focus your efforts on social media advertising.

Here are a couple of tips to help you out:

Know your audience

Becoming extremely familiar with your target demographic is the first step in creating effective ads. This part of digital advertising may be what you’re overlooking. Simply put, you want your products to be seen by those who are most likely to buy them. Advertising to the wrong audience may result in clicks, but it will not result in purchases. This can be frustrating and time consuming. Avoid this by having a solid grasp on who it is you are marketing to.

Create effective ads

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it takes some time to create and optimize your ads. Your ads should directly appeal to your target audience. Take into consideration what your demographic is most likely to respond positively to. Remember, your first draft of an ad will most likely not be your most optimal. Experiment with different images, layouts, and CTA’s. Take note of what works and what doesn’t and adjust your ads accordingly.

Enlist some help!

Sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming to navigate these tasks all on your own. Narrowing down your demographic and creating effective ads are often easier said than done. I’d like to recommend one of Shopify’s awesome machine learning apps called Pollen ( to point you in the right direction. Pollen specializes in making sure your ads are being seen by the right people. Their app enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales.

Hopefully this helps! Good luck and Happy Advertising!