Need recommendations for Google Adwords Consultant

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I am looking for recommendations to a proven Google Adwords consultant/agency that can generate results and communicates effectively.

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Hi Deborah,

Don't know if you've hired Adwords help before so I wanted to give you a couple of pointers when you start talking to agencies. Most of them come from my experience in working with clients: where it went well and where it didn't go well.

  • What's your monthly budget (ad budget + fee to pay the consultant agency). Can you comfortably afford this for 2-3 months without hurting?
  • Are you looking to outsource everything? Or set things up and take over yourself?
  • Are you looking for specific types of campaigns? If you want to do Google Shopping, have you got product feeds in place?
  • Ask who will do the work? I often see accounts in the hands of junior employees after the contract has been signed..
  • What's the plan? The consultant/agency knows Adwords better than you, but ask them for their plan/roadmap for the next couple of months. That will give you some insights into their way of working and thinking.

You probably shouldn't share your responses in this thread, but I hope these recommendations help your search :) - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice