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Im trying to figure out why I haven't gotten any sales I bought promoters and the site gets traffic but I don't any sales I tried Facebook promotion here's my site any help would help I been doing all this for 5 months ?

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Hi, Melvin. 

This is Martha from the Shopify Guru Team. 

I've taken a look at your shop and have some suggestions and a few resources for you to peruse! I hope this helps with next steps! :)

Image quality and consistency, Make sure you are uploading high-quality images to your site, for logos, banner images and products. Speaking of product images, it would be nice to have some more diversity. Show people wearing the makeup, colour swatches, and/or styled product photos! Since you're working with a smaller product range (which is great) that means you can really concentrate on making those products shine.

Think about how most people viewing your site. There's been a huge push to mobile, especially when skipping from say, Instagram to view your store, what does the customer see? 

  • Some things to think about on your current homepage - is there a purpose? Do we see what's available? More about the product? A featured collection? The ethics? Is it easy to shop from? 
  • Take a look at who you think are your competitors, what can you learn from their User experience, Their pricing, promotions. Things to do and things to avoid based on your business ideas. 
  • I saw that you shared an image of @nikkietutorials wearing your gloss. How awesome! She has a great following if they were interested in shopping the gloss, how would they find you? Would people shopping on your site be able to grab that coveted gloss easily?

Aside from giving you some more to think about, I thought I'd share a few posts and guides to get you started;

I would suggest if you're interested in hearing from other entrepreneurs about their hits, misses and general advice that you take a listen to the Shopify Masters podcasts. Hearing the true stories and tactics from people who are now running successful shops is one of my top tips! Other posts and resources in this Forum might bring you some ideas too!

Let us know if you have any more questions or need help with your shop, and feel free to reach out over email if you wish,!


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Hi Melvin,

Visited your website and have some really great suggestions for your site that will surely increase your sales ratio in long digits.

If you would be good if we can have a discussion on this, so if interested let me know your thoughts-

Best Regards,

Ani :)


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I saw your site and social media channels.

The site needs a little more professional look, like in About Us section. This is very important because I think in make up business people don't want to buy from an unknown brand, they don't know how it will be for their skin.

Add some testimonials on site from friends who have used the product.

Also your home page ends very abruptly. There is a lifestyle image and then no info except that the makeup is cruelty free. Just look at some top makeup websites and pick ideas from there. If you are selling on the basis of a cruelty free identity, explain that. Basically give depth to your online identity.

You do have instagram followrs, and about 2200 likes on one post. Good going! This one:

You have a testimonial in on a video on instagram - ??Cotton Candy Prince?? Guys I have been OBSESSED with these new products by @nikicosmetics1 ?? I used her Pixie Gloss and Rumba Mineral Blush in this video and the colors worked perfectly! The lip gloss plumps your lips so nicely too. Definitely check out her brand @nikicosmetics1 ? -? 

Use these advantages that you already have - the Instagram following and the testimonial.

1) Show your products more frequently to your instagram audience, get them to convert. Showcase your products in templates that say 'Get Free Shipping' or 'May Bundle - $150 value at $120'... anything like this. You can make and schedule such posts using OrangeTwig app for Shopify sellers.

2) You are using great hashtags. Be sure you are using ones that will drive you the maximum views by doing quick hashtag research for your category, again with OrangeTwig.

3) Finally share that testimonial prominently, in layouts like this:

Such posts will help you convince people to buy, earn trust, simply get your products exposure and highlight your products. You'll motivate your existing userbase to actually buy from you. Make these posts and share them automatically for weeks with OrangeTwig.

Hope this helps!


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