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Hi there,

We saw the latest announcement for the Facebook pixel intergration with Shopify & we decided to jump right on it. We used to use the old facebook pixel with no issues what so ever just tracking 'purchase' and decided to swap over on Friday. 

The old code was completely stripped from our website, the new pixel was created & entered here -> however we're seeing really weird results within Facebook.

For a start, Facebook is now tracking 'View content' as a conversion but from the $6.81 we spent, we had no Purchases but for some reason Facebook is saying we've made $1,468,90. Where is it pulling this data from? I tried peicing the revenue together with Shopify to see if its correct and I can't work it out.

- How does the Facebook --> Shopify intergration calculate the 'value' of each 'result' ?

- Is anyone else seeing this?

- How do we fix it?


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Christine here from the Shopify Guru team - Thanks for your question!

The pixel is tracked in the actual order, if an order is processed as a result of the pixel then it is counted as a conversion. There is a great facebook pixel helper extension tool in Crome that you can use to show all of the pixels in your store. It is a great way to make sure that you have in fact deleted all of the pixels from the code.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else. We are just a click away :)

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Hi Adam,


I´m experiencing the same thing as your do. I was using the old pixel, and it was working well.

After deleting all the code, and using the Shopify integration, my Facebook stats are complete wrong.

Way too many conversions that are simply not true.

I´m using the Facebook Pixel Helper extension in Chrome, and I am seeing that the pixel is activated twice on my product pages, but I have looked and looked for any FB pixel code, and I don´t have it in my .liquid files! 

Now I just noticed a message in Shopify dashboard (Sales channels --> Online Store --> Preferences)

It says: "Ignore any errors you find related to the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension. Facebook is updating the extension to correct the problem."

What can we do? The Facebook analytics are so crazy that they are almost useless.



I view your source code Simon, of a product page, and there seems to be only one instance of the pixel, which is Shopify's insertion via the new integration.

By the way, you might be interested in making these changes mentioned by Jake for the Brooklyn theme, to get the product images in a grid:

There's not much you can do in using Shopify's new integration should a problem exist because it's inserted through their system. Best suggestion is to reach out to support. Maybe Shopify have commented about this issue elsewhere?

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You're looking at the wrong columns in facebook, that's why. You need to pull up the "purchases" column in facebook (NOT total conversion value). I recommend Googling "facebook blueprint" which is free training provided by facebook themselves, and in particular you should visit the analytics and reporting sections.

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Hi there. 

I'm trying to get my head around this new integration as well. Am I right to say that all we have to do is just add the Facebook Pixel ID in the Online Store/Preferences and it will automatically track the 6 standards events mentioned? Does this work across all themes? 

We are using the Parallax theme from

I did an Add to Cart just now and according to the Pixel Helper, it did fire but when I went to Facebook's Ad Manager and checked the Pixel section, the Add to Cart count did not increase. 

I'm not sure if Facebook updates it real time but in any case how do I know that things are working?

Hope someone can shine some light on this. ;) 



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I've recently opened a support ticket on this as well.  The problem appears to be that Shopify pixel integration is sending "value" on all(?) 6 events.  So ViewContent is triggering a value.  Now, there might be some interesting reason to track the value of ViewContent so you could measure a revenue funnel from View->Add to Cart->Purchase.  But even that is broken because a single user reloading the same product page 3 times will generate 3 new "conversions" within Facebook.

So, right now it just causes a big problem for analytics.  Facebook is wrong.  Adespresso (pulling from facebook) is wrong on many metrics that are trying to show Ad ROI.

I believe the solution is to remove the "value" on all pixel fires except for purchase.  But it definitely needs to be removed from ViewContent.

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Hey Adam,

I highly recommend watching this video to show you how to utilize your Pixel for reporting. You likely can skip to about 6 or 7 minutes as the beginning is focussed on placing the pixel itself.


If you have any questions, please reach out to


Hope this helps!