New Store - Glamorous Indian Wedding Dresses! Newbie help on SEO needed.

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Hello All,

I have launched a store specialising in kids wear for the indian/asian wedding market. Those in the know will understand that finding actual comfortable clothing, which doesn't pull part or the kids won't keep on is every parents nightmare at what can be a long (few days even) of functions as these things go!

Anyway, apart from general feedback to the store that I would love your comments on, I could use some SEO clarification please. I have SEO'd up the products/page collection data using the Shopify admin settings for each product, (yes ALT image too) as I'm learning the basics here to improve traffic to the site (other tips welcome but there is a lot of good material here which I am grateful for!)

On the SEO listing preview under URL and Handles however, some of my product URL's are pretty long and in cases don't seem relevant to the product. I presume this is taken from the product title when it is created?

Is it simply the case of changing them under the SEO handle to make them shorter that would make them more relevant / prominet to search pick up? For example:

1. or


If I were to change these as follows - will this cause any side effects to the site? I've read this will create duplicate content?



[lengha is a type of indian outfit which is a keyword ;-)]

Many Thanks!



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Hi Nisha,

Changing the url handle would not create any duplicate content and would not have any side effects.

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